Sewer Repair

The cost of a repairing a sewer line can go from as little as $1000 to as much as $4000 depending on the damage to the line. You need to keep your line well maintained. You also need to learn how to detect the telltale signs of a damaged sewer line to have it repaired early.

Repairing the sewer line early prevents further damage and saves you money from unnecessary extra repairs. It also prevents instances where all your drains back up so that you avoid the discomfort and possible health risks.

Sewer Line Clogging and its Signs

When the sewer line clogs, one of the basic signs is a bubbling and gurgling sound from your toilet, which indicates there is entrapped air that backs up and escapes through the toilet. In such a scenario, the gas venting system might be blocked with debris. You might also experience slow flowing drains.

Slow drain flow is caused by homeowners washing products such as fats, soap scum, hair, skin, grease and bulky paper items. Besides, there might be a smell of food rotting near your kitchen where it has built up after being washed down the kitchen sink. When the sewer line is clogged, you will notice sewage backing up in your toilet and in your kitchen sink.

The plumber will have different suggestions, and one of them is to try and unclog individual drains using a snake tool. If all the above signs show up at the same time, the sewer line is most likely the problem.

Broken Sewer Line Problems

There are multiple causes of broken sewer lines and signs for it too. First off, the above sewer line clogging issues when left unchecked, can ultimately cause sewer line breakage.

Clogging of the sewer line will also be characterized by an unpleasant smell coming from the sinks or toilet. You will feel a powerful sulfur smell along the sewer line, like the smell of rotten eggs. If there is excess water or sewage along one section of your yard, it can also indicate a leak in the line, which can be caused by the presence of tree roots penetrating the pipes.

Repair Options

When you call a Staten Island Plumber, they will give you a couple of repair options depending on the damage to the pipe and your budget. If you need a total overhaul of the system, excavation repairs will be offered where the existing pipes are excavated out and replaced. You can also reduce excavation costs by installing a pipe inside the existing pipe.

Consider all available options and ensure that you get a long-term solution for your sewer line problems.

Get Sewer Line Repair Today

If you need your sewer line repaired today, get a qualified plumbing contractor and explain your problem to them. They will come and inspect your system and then advise on the best method of correcting it and restoring normal operation. With a good plumber, your system will be back in order within a few hours.