Pipe Repairs

Pipes are the heart of any plumbing system, and when they are not in good condition, a homeowner runs the risk of having their house water supply and drainage affected. Pipes are easy to repair especially when they are exposed. However, in-wall pipes are pretty challenging, take a long time to repair or replace, and require relatively more money. Whether the problem is with in-wall or exposed pipes, it is important to correct them as soon as possible before it progresses into something big and much more expensive to take care of.

If you experience problems with your plumbing system’s pipes, a plumber can help you with the following actions that maintain continuous water supply to your taps and keeps your drainage system working smoothly.

Replacing Old Pipes

Some pipes can last for more than 100 years, and thus replacement is not so common. Nevertheless, some types are prone to breakage especially if they are old, rusty and exposed. Such pipes often appear discolored. They also tend to bubble and have raised spots. If rusty, they will produce discolored water that smells or tastes rusty.

When replacing these pipes, the plumber will mark the exposed pipes and replace them first. The cost of replacement will be determined by the quality of pipes you buy for your home. The project can take a few days especially if you decide to replace in-wall pipes at the same time.

For this task to be done well with lasting results, you need to get a good plumber so that you can get value for your money. Before buying pipes call Staten Island Plumber for consultations.

Repairing Joint Leaks on Pipes

One of the easiest things to repair on pipes is joint leaks. These are leaks that occur when the joints on pipes become loose, or the gum between them become weak. In modern pipes, these joints will last for many years before leaks occur and this is beneficial to a homeowner. However, if yours are leaking, you need to repair them.

To repair the joints, plumbers will detach the pipes and check the threading for metal pipes or the rubber band in PVC pipes. If the threading is okay, the pipes only need to be screwed back together, and a sealer added. For PVC pipes, if the rubber band is still intact, a sealer/gum is added to make the pipes intact again. The plumber might, however, advise replacement if the joints are too damaged.

Repairing Broken Pipes

When pipes are broken, especially PVC pipes, they need to be replaced instead of using sealers. Replacing the pipes ensures that they last a little longer before they need repairs again. However, the plumber can offer a temporary repair by cutting off the broken part and fixing a small piece of pipe where the broken part was, especially for PVC pipes.
Broken metallic pipes, though rare, can only be replaced as there are no connections that work. Replacing the pipes will take a few hours.

Get Pipe Repairs Today

You can do simple pipe repairs at home such as sealing a leaking joint. However, when you need to do an overhaul of the piping system in your home, you will need a professional to help you out. For this, choose a plumber who understands the problem with your system and offers quality services.