Leak Repairs

A water leak might seem like nothing especially when only a few drops are showing and you do not feel the impact on your pocket in terms of the water bill. However, these few drops have a great impact on the resale value of your home.

Add the amount of water lost each day through those leaks, and you’ll realize just how wasteful your plumbing system is. Prolonged leaks can also have other negative effects and can cost a lot in home repairs. Below are some of the problems that water leakages can cause if left unchecked.

Effects on Your Health

When there is a water leak in your health, irrespective of how small the leak is, there will be mold and fungal growth if the leak is not stopped. These small organisms affect the indoor air quality and at times find their way into the water supply of your home thereby causing health problems.

The moisture that accumulates in the home as a result of the leak makes the environment conducive for mold to grow and cause respiratory problems such as nasal congestion, breathing difficulties and sneezing in the home’s inhabitants. The mold will also make your walls or ceiling unsightly.

These effects are especially bad when you have a pre-existing respiratory problem. For infants, such an environment can contribute to the development of asthma.

Structural Damage

Besides having your health compromised, your house will experience structural damage where the leaked water seeps through the walls. When the walls absorb the water, the first effect is on the aesthetics of your home. There will be unsightly discolorations and streaks appearing on the walls.

If the drywall continues absorbing water, it will start swelling and warping depending on the material of the wall. The same can happen to other items in the home too. When left unfixed for a long period, the condition becomes detrimental and affects the structural integrity of your home. A simple warping can deteriorate to the formation of an unsightly hole in the wall.

Combined with a mold outbreak, the condition will drastically move from unsightly to unlivable. Therefore, early detection and fixing of leaks is crucial to keeping a home inhabitable.

Effect on Your Home’s Value in General

A house that has a history of leaking pipes will have a problem selling. Unless the aesthetic and structural consequences are dealt with, potential buyers will always tell the home is in need of repairs. When you detect the leak early, however, you can correct the problem and get the house back to its original form.

If your house has had a leak, ensure that you repair not only the pipes, but also other damages that have occurred, such as ceiling stains and holes on walls. This will give the house back its appearance and erase all evidence of leaking.

Get a Fast Solution

Call a Staten Island Plumber and have your leak repaired within a short period. During the repair, the plumber will inspect related pipes to ensure that no other problems exist.

Depending on the plumbing system’s state, s/he can either repair the leaks or recommend replacement of pipes and fixtures. The plumber’s services will help you maintain a home that is in good enough shape to live in comfortably or sell at a good price.